Role of border security force creating communal harmony and national integration

(2) trans-border crime and border clash because of smuggling, infiltration, espionage, etc which forced to involve the border security force(bsf), police and other indian officials and public representatives in corrupt practices. Elements to create a feeling of ill will against the security forces & government • inadequate attention to security forces such as no mobile connectivity leading to isolation, inadequate medical facilities, disparity in wages and allowances in comparison with the army. The role of home guards is to serve as an auxiliary to the police in maintenance of internal security, help the community in any kind of emergency such as an air-raid, fire, cyclone, earthquake, epidemic etc, help in maintenance of essential services, promote communal harmony and assist the administration in protecting weaker sections.

5) management of indo-nepal border:in order to check anti-national activities on the india-nepal border which is the open & porous border and to improve the security along this border. If the internal security issues are tackled effectively, subversion by the external forces to that extent becomes more difficult unfortunately, the rise of contentious politics based on sectarian, ethnic, linguistic or other divisive criteria, is primarily responsible for the many communal and secessionist movements flourishing in india. Communal harmony and assist the administration in protecting weaker sections, participate in socio-economic and welfare activities and perform civil defence duties home guards are of two types — rural and urban. Spread the love role of external state and non-state actor's in creating challenges to internal security challenges to internal security through communication networks role of media and social networking sites in internal securitychallenges basics of cyber security role of biometric read more.

The border security force (bsf) is the primary border guarding police force of india it was raised in the wake of the 1965 war on 1 december 1965, for ensuring the security of the borders of india and for matters connected there with. Pakistani wing commander bilal (7l)presented sweets to indian border security force (bsf) commandant sudeep (7r) on the occasion of the diwali festival at the communal harmony sp s on s so s red s. It administers and controls various para-military forces like the assam rifles, the border security force, the indo-tibetan border police, the central reserve police force, the central industrial security force and the national security guards. The indian border security force (bsf) is responsible for policing india's land borders during peacetime and preventing trans-border crimes it is a central police force operating under the mha it is a central police force operating under the mha.

The national integration conference held in october 1961 had agreed to set up a national integration council (nic) to review all matters related to national integration and to suggest measures to the union government. The border security force (bsf), primary and vigilant guarding force of india, is one of the five central armed police forces of india the objective of the bsf is to ensure that the borders of our country are properly guarded and the security of the citizens is ensured. The ministry of home affairs and also matters relating to national integration and communal harmony and security force (bsf) is the primary border guarding. In may 1974, serious riots broke out in delhi and in order to control the situation border security force had to be called out during 1975-77 india was under emergency and on communal fronts there were no riots. The primary role of the border security force is to guard the border of the india with pakistan and bangladesh, the bsf also has active roles during times of war it has 245,000 personnel in 186 battalions, and is headed by an indian police service officer.

Main article: wagah border ceremony, border security force wikivividly wiki as never seen before with video and photo galleries, discover something new today people. The ministry of home affairs (mha) or home ministry (iast: gṛha maṃtralāyā) is a ministry of the government of india as the interior ministry of india, it is mainly responsible for the maintenance of internal security and domestic policy. The mission of the central reserve police force shall be to enable the government to maintain rule of law, public order and internal security effectively and efficiently to preserve national integrity & promote social harmony and development by upholding supremacy of the constitution. National integration, compassion, goodwill, educational standards, justice and mutual respect for each other peace has been seen as a facilitator for tourism development in border areas. National integration and communal harmony national integration refers to the perception of single national identity among people of a country belonging to various races, castes and religion.

Role of border security force creating communal harmony and national integration

This is a list of agencies and departments of the union (federal) government of india. Border security force didn't give communal harmony in the area it a role in maintaining peace and harmony along the gujarat-sind. The communist party of india (marxist) on thursday said the trinamool congress (tmc) and bharatiya janata party (bjp) were creating polarisation over baduria communal violence, which started over.

Role & organization of police at national and communal harmony & social security border security force. The division deals with matters relating to the protection of human rights act and also matters relating to national integration and communal harmony and ayodhya internal security division-i [ edit . Security matters affecting asian nations, the role of non-asian powers, and the chinese experiences in its economic, social, political and security reforms will be discussed at the conference. The minister lauded the enthusiasm and whole hearted participation of the people in the national celebration saying that unity, integrity, communal harmony and peace among the people of different regions and religions is indispensible for socio-economic development of the district.

The border security force and the national integration v 523 the guidelines to promote communal harmony were last issued in 1997 the guidelines.

role of border security force creating communal harmony and national integration The border security force (bsf) and the kutch district  munal harmony in the state for  strongly flayed the communal and anti national forces which.
Role of border security force creating communal harmony and national integration
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